Simone Scazzocchio

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Instruments include piano and bodhran
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, film scoring and classical composition
In Their Own Words

"My teaching style is interactive, rooted in real life professional situations."

"I want my students to feel inspired to inquire about the power of music. Writers and producers are like translators; they translate real life emotions and situations into music and sounds, and vice versa. I want my students to be aware of their musical choices, be aware that each change they apply to their melody, harmony, effect, production, mix, etc. will eventually change the final emotional delivery of the music. As we develop our awareness, we start to feel more and more that there is no right or wrong in music; there are just choices that can be consistent or inconsistent with the project we are currently involved with. This awareness creates the desire to develop a deeper vocabulary, and a deeper vocabulary will make us even more aware of our musical choices. It's a beautiful creative spiral, as endless as music is."

"Berklee's major assets are the real industry-like experiences, state of the art technology and environment, and the thriving multicultural community."

"My background is extremely diverse, ranging from classical music to heavy metal, from musicology to film scoring, so I've got a good grasp of the language of music itself. I covered a lot of roles in the music industry, and I developed a sense of the various ways music has been created and used; by an individual, in society, in spirituality, in the industry, and so on. This is very helpful in teaching, as I can ground my answers into whatever is more relevant to the inquiry coming my way."

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