Renato Milone

Assistant Professor
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Career Highlights
  • Leader of Fried Fusion and The Boom House Productions
  • Recordings with Whitney Houston, Michael Baker, Adi Yeshaya, and Uku Suviste
  • Wrote scores and jingles for McDonalds, Honda, Telemundo, New York University, Target, and Human Rights Campaign
  • Instruments include piano, voice, percussion, computer, drums, and machine
  • Diploma, Berklee College of Music, contemporary writing and production
  • B.A., Music University of Rome, performance (1999)
In Their Own Words

"I really like to create an open-minded and free environment in my classrooms. I believe that is the only way to engage with the creative aspect of music. Also, it is important for every student to have a little taste of the direction the music industry is taking nowadays, and I really try to expose them to as much information as I can about the matter at every class.

"I wish I could transmit to my students the same passion I feel every time I write, produce, or even just talk about music. In a world where people sometimes refer to a piece of music as product, I want to bring back the art element in making music. I really want my student never to forget that music is not only rules, standards, competition, etcetera, but it is above all — a form of art.

"At Berklee, with the diversity in cultures, religions, styles of music, and experiences that are present in every class, you never know who is sitting next to you or where he or she comes from and where his or her path in life is going to end up. That's why I encourage all students to make the best of the years they are spending at Berklee in terms of networking and getting to know as many people as possible at this rich and diverse environment, and to try to learn as much as possible.

"I'm a producer, arranger, composer, and a performer. I have been producing and performing music since I was very little, and my career led me to collaborate with people from at least four continents. I started when the industry was different and technology was still developing from analog to digital. I just want to share all this experience and knowledge accumulated in the field with as many people as possible."

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