Manuel Kaufmann

Associate Professor

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Career Highlights
  • Leader of Manduca Sexta, the Manuel Kaufmann Jazz Orchestra, and Nonet
  • Compositions and arrangements performed by Greg Hopkins, Herb Pomeroy, Jerry Bergonzi, Claudio Rodito, Bob Gullotti, Franco Ambrosetti, Tim Ray, and Jeff Galindo in the U.S., Spain, Switzerland, Israel, China, Mexico, and Finland
  • More than 200 self-published jazz compositions/arrangements sold
  • Performances as a bassist with Jim Black, Abe Laboriel Jr., Chris Speed, Cuong Vu, the U.S. Airforce Band with Marvin Stamm, Dana Brayton's Funk Project, Joel Harrison, and Melrose Symphony
  • Instructor for Victor Wooten/Berklee Summer Bass Workshop
  • Recipient of Faculty Award for Academic Excellence from Bridgewater State College, 2006–2007 academic year
  • Diploma, Berklee College of Music
  • M.M., Berklee College of Music/Boston Conservatory, cooperative master's degree program
In Their Own Words

"I love using analogies and visuals in the classroom to illustrate a new technique or idea or cementing an older one. These two approaches allow me to re-present an idea and engage students more profoundly. Comparisons with known entities will stimulate the learner’s thinking and enable him or her to assimilate new information more easily."

"Newer and older material is being reviewed every week after the big new concept of the week is introduced. Students have shown much higher levels of absorption when big chunks of information are being cut into smaller chunks. Showing relevance by identifying concrete short term, medium term, and long term goals for new content is the most effective tool to get students excited and motivated about them."

"My class resources include step-by-step directions/exercises and self-check strategies which function as do-it-yourself manuals on how to overcome writer’s block, generate ideas using easily accessible methods, plan strategically, and how to create and maintain drama through concepts such as forward motion, space, contrast, variation, and color."

"My personal teaching style is a hybrid of lecturing, coaching, and frequent questioning that engages students to develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration and provokes them to dig more deeply."

"The ultimate goal is to prepare the students to function effectively at Berklee, but even more in their professional life after Berklee, turning roadblocks and limitations into creative solutions and building life long learning and adapting skills."