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Lucy Holstedt

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Career Highlights
  • Coordinator, Berklee College of Music Diversity Committee
  • Teacher, Berklee College of Music City Music Saturday School
  • Songwriter, choral arranger, playwright, director, and performer in theater, music theater, improv comedy, clubs, and choral groups
  • Performing and writing credits include Women on the Edge, Planet Girl Productions, Mrs. Potatohead, and Improv Boston
  • B.A., Vassar College, chemistry
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, film scoring
  • M.A., Emerson College, theater education
In Their Own Words

"I like to be spontaneous and creative in class. For instance, I ask my students to bring in recordings they like, and I'll develop a lesson from their music right on the spot. It keeps things fresh, and it means they can personally identify with what we're learning."

"I know there's a limit to how much anyone can absorb at one time, especially sitting still. So we often get up and move around—going to the piano or the whiteboard, or even moving in time to the music. People learn better when they engage in a variety of different activities—and that's fun, too."

"I have ways to give personal attention and still include the whole group. For example, in Harmony 1 we might be learning about major and minor keys. There's room for three of us to sit at the piano together and play scales. We take turns being the 'leader,' while the rest of the class cheers us on. (Then it's someone else's turn.) A lot of times my students find study partners this way."

"Only part of what I want my students to learn can be described in a course syllabus. I hope they also come away with a greater confidence in their ability to learn, to tap into their unique creativity, to collaborate, and and to take pride in what ever they do."

"I'm very excited about the Women Musicians Network. Since it began in 1998, it has become a very significant student club. The big annual event for WMN is our Berklee Performance Center concert in March. The students and I organize a college-wide music competition, write arrangements, and audition and rehearse bands for the 90-minute concert. This year we featured 13 completely different acts, in a wide range of styles. It's always a great show."