Jamie Lynn Hart

Assistant Professor
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  • Limelight Music Award winner for Best Female Performer (2012)
  • Limelight Music Award for Best Songwriter (2012)
  • Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award for Best Band, Clockwork (2012)
  • New England Music Award Nominee for Best Female Performer (2012)
  • B.M., Florida International University, vocal performance
  • M.M., Boston University, vocal performance
In Their Own Words

“My formal training and education is in opera and classical music, but professionally, I have been performing as a pop/rock singer-songwriter. When I started to develop hoarseness from singing pop so often, I realized how strange that was for someone with a master’s degree in vocal performance. Singers are born with a gift, but not one necessarily made for performing five hours a night. Vocal health is of utmost importance. I had to figure that out for myself the hard way, and it forced me to learn new techniques. I’m passionate about nurturing that in these young singers.”

“I tell my students, ‘You have labs, ensembles, and many other Berklee experiences to teach you style and performance. But you have 50 minutes a week for me to help you do the technical work to get your voice in top condition to compete in the demanding repertoire of the pop idiom.’ I also tell my students exactly why we’re doing each exercise, so they understand specifically what technical skill the exercise is designed to improve.”

“It’s so challenging to wrap your head around today’s music industry. You can’t just be a good singer and expect to get a record deal; it doesn’t work that way. I want to instill the confidence in my students that I know is necessary in becoming a successful performer. You need to be willing to take risks in this business, and the confidence to do that is what sets you apart from someone else who’s just as talented as you are. That includes confidence in your overall musicality, like reading music, writing charts, and directing a band.”

“Whether it’s when I teach, or when I perform, the goal is to make that profound connection with someone. I love the fact that my voice and lyrics can inspire someone, and I love that lightbulb moment when a student says, ‘Oh, I’ve been wondering that for so long, and you just explained it to me.’”

“Some singers tend to approach this profession as if it’s a competition, but I think it’s important to nurture relationships among singers. We’re all doing the same thing; we’re all in it together. It’s better for everyone if we all just share what we know. And in the end, whatever you give, you get back.”