Hae Joo Kim

Assistant Chair
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Hae Joo Kim’s research interests lie in the popular music and culture of Korea, particularly in the realm of media and television. She has presented at national and international conferences, and has also been a guest panelist at KCON as well as other events on East Asian pop culture. As a Korean American, she has long been involved in the work of cultural mediation and translation, and has an ongoing interest in music at the intersection of culture, identity, and community.

Prior to joining Berklee, Kim taught at the City University of New York (CUNY) York College, the University of Utah Asia Campus, and Stony Brook University. She is the winner of grants and research fellowships from the Korea Foundation, the Academy of Korean Studies, the Korean Embassy, the Freeman Foundation, and Fulbright, and has published on the music of K-dramas and K-pop.

A lifelong New Yorker, Kim is excited by global exchange and an interdisciplinary approach to music studies. She holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University.

Career Highlights
  • Published author on Korean popular music and Korean TV/film music
  • Presenter at regional, national, and international conferences, including the Society of Ethnomusicology, Musics of East Asia/ International Council for Traditional Music, and the Association for Asian Studies
  • Guest panelist at KCON, faculty panelist and panel moderator for conferences on East Asian music
  • Guest speaker and touring lecturer on Korean music
  • Translation editor for Korean TV programs and music shows
  • Adjudicator for K–12 piano competition (Korea) and National Federation of Music Clubs (U.S.)
  • Completed the Smithsonian Folkways certificate course in world music pedagogy
  • Recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship
  • Recipient of a Korea Foundation Research Fellowship
  • Recipient of an Academy of Korean Studies Research Fellowship
In Their Own Words

"Encountering diverse styles and genres across culture and time has made me a better overall musician and cultural citizen. This informs my work with students, and I aim to foster an openness that develops a broader musical perspective—one that also considers the effect, impact, and role of music in our larger world. In addition to refining their listening, students tend to grow in awareness and become more responsible musicians."

"Through a balance of structure and flexibility, the Professional Music Department allows students to explore their interests and develop their individual talents without being siloed. Insofar as music is personal, it is intertwined with our sense of identity. But we are so many things, and Professional Music guides students toward realizing their unique selves as musicians; it sets them on a path toward their career goals as an organic whole. All students take courses in music production and music business as well as desired areas of concentration. Beyond being well-rounded, it’s about finding your own constitution as a musician, even as you refine your skills and hone your craft. It’s the best way for one to thrive."

"Berklee is the locus of a tremendous amount of talent. With creative students and top-notch faculty gathered together, it is a place that breeds excellence. The school pushes students in the best ways while providing support through opportunities, resources, and platforms. It’s really an ideal environment for developing who you are as a musician; an incredible place to study, practice, struggle, and ultimately grow. At Berklee, you mature not just in the performance of music, but you grow as a whole musician. It’s an extraordinary institution and a very special place."