Fernando Huergo

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Numerous performances at jazz festivals and on concert tours
  • Recordings for radio and television including Sesame Street, WGBH, PBS, and WERS
  • Recorded over 25 albums, one as leader, two as coleader
In Their Own Words

"I teach private lessons and bass reading labs. In the bass lines lab we focus on the creation of jazz bass lines, chord scales, harmonic and bass line analysis, and improvisation. We also see the fundamentals of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music."

"As a teacher, I'm pretty open, and I think the most important part of teaching is caring. I try to see what students need to help to shape their own musical voices and become a complete, well-rounded musician, capable of surviving and adapting in the changing music industry."

"I think the goal of every teacher should be to inspire their students. That's the most we can do. Students won't learn something if they don't want to. So I really believe in following what students have in mind, their goals, and balancing them with things that I think will be helpful for them to have a professional career."

"I think Berklee is a great meeting place for people from all over the world. They have a chance to meet and play together, and often they'll be playing with the same people they knew at Berklee for the rest of their lives. When I go to Europe or South America or Asia, I meet former students, I meet colleagues. I just met two weeks ago in Germany a Korean bass player student of mine. I was in New York last week and I met a Spanish former student. I was in Beijing and I met an Argentinean former student. It's great, meeting and connecting with other musicians. You get to learn from so many different cultures and sources of music. Berklee's a very inspiring place."