Corinne Sloan Chase

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Leader of seven-piece party band Chase
  • Co-owner of Chase Productions, 32-track digital recording studio
  • Performances with jazz artists including Teese Gohl, Brad Hatfield, Greg Hopkins, Steve Hunt, Dick Johnson, Mike Monaghan, Herb Pomeroy, and Paul Schmeling
  • Lead vocalist and studio singer with performance on radio and television commercials
  • Vocalist
  • B.S., Western Connecticut State University
In Their Own Words

"I came to Berklee in a convoluted way. I was raised in upstate New York and Vermont. I went to college in Connecticut and received a music educti on degree from Western Connecticut State College in Danbury, where I started singing in clubs and coffeehouses."

"Upon graduation I moved to Cape Cod for summer gigging and then to Boston, where I continued singing in clubs with a Top 40 band. And I started working as a studio vocalist, singing jingles. I was working with some of Boston's greatest musicians, a lot of whom were also teaching at Berklee. My husband, who is a drummer and a recording engineer, and I put together our own band, called Chase, and opened our own recording studio business. One of the sax players who recorded with us from time to time was the chair of the Ear Training department. He said, 'We've got to get you over to Berklee.'"

"I found yoga 15 years ago, which had a profound effect on me as a performer. Whatever has helped me in my music career, I try to bring into the classroom. We do a lot of singing with warm-ups and drilling to develop vocal skill and confidence. In this business, time is money, and if you're not struggling with the notes and intervals, you can work on the delivery and 'feel' of a piece of music, which saves a lot of time. Although mature and dedicated practice regimes are a key to successful performances, I try to have fun with it as well. My mission is to help the students find a comfort zone within themselves so the sharing of their music is a blissful experience."

"My sons are both guitarists here at the school, and they'll bump into kids who say, 'Oh, your mom, she's the Yoga Lady.'"

"For my professional development, I'm studying the anatomy of voice and yoga. I'm in the planning stages of creating a DVD, Yoga for Singers, using meditative postures for developing core strength and breath support necessary for sustaining a healthy vocal practice, as well as finding the personal inner grounding so necessary for successful and effective musical communication."