Chris Loftlin

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Musical director and bassist for Brian McKnight
  • Performances with Mark Ronson, DMC, Jeff Bhasker, Lykke Li, Kim Burrell, and many more
  • Drum clinics with Adam Deitch (Lettuce) and John Blackwell (Prince, D'Angelo)
In Their Own Words

 "I remember being a young bass player and having so many great teachers and friends instilling in me an appreciation for being a great bass player and an educated, sensitive musician. Hopefully I can pass that on. I love to help students acquire great work and study habits. Having those gives you the confidence you will need to become a great musician. There is no music that has been conceived that has not been played by some member of this Bass Department faculty at Berklee. This department is full of amazing information. There are people teaching here that I had posters of on my childhood bedroom walls!"

 "I perform with all sorts of artists, playing every kind of music, all over the world. What I learned here as a student, and what I am learning now from current students, helps me to inform the people I work with of what's coming, and to inform the students of what is waiting for them."