DJ Galbreath

Assistant Professor

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DJ Galbreath stands out as a truly versatile and inspirational figure in the world of music. His exceptional talents span across various domains, including piano mastery, drumming expertise, music direction, and production finesse. Holding an associate of music degree from Temple College in Temple, TX, and a bachelor of music degree in contemporary writing and production, with a minor in Africana studies from Berklee, Galbreath's educational foundation is both comprehensive and distinguished.

Galbreath's artistic endeavors have encompassed a remarkable array of collaborations. Notably, he has produced, performed, and toured alongside renowned figures in the industry, including Grammy and Billboard Music Award–winners such as LeToya Luckett, Troy NokA, and Phil Thompson, among others.

In his role as music director and principal keyboardist at Jubilee Christian Church in Boston, Galbreath's talents reverberate within a vibrant community of over 7,000 members. Jubilee is celebrated as one of the largest contemporary Christian churches in New England, making his influence particularly impactful.

At the core of Galbreath's journey lies a profound calling. He embraces his divine purpose to utilize his talents, gifts, background, kindness, genuineness, experience, and radiant optimism for the betterment of others. His commitment to fostering a positive impact on every individual he encounters serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to uplifting humanity.

Career Highlights
  • Principle keyboardist and music director, Jubilee Worship, "History" Live Recording (2023)
  • Organist, Anthony Brown, "Alter" Live Recording (2022)
  • Keyboardist, Phil Thompson, "Lion Of Judah" (2021), #1 Gospel Billboard
  • Keyboardist, LeToya Luckett, "Urban Music Festival" (2017), Austin, TX
  • Keyboardist, Troy NokA, "Urban Music Festival" (2017), Austin, TX
  • Producer and keyboardist, Erin Daneele, "Yours" (2014)
  • Drummer, George Russell Jr., "Ebony Gala" (2009)
In Their Own Words
"I want students from my classes to come away with a feeling of assurance in their musical progress that would permeate every facet of their lives. I consistently emphasize that these years are malleable, offering you the chance to figure out who you are and decide who you want to be. You possess the potential to make choices and undergo transformation. After all, transformation is a process not an event." 
"Drawing from my professional background, I bring an enriched sense of compassion and empathy to students. This background has also honed my ability to swiftly forge authentic and profound connections with individuals from all walks of life."