Press and Highlights

Press and Industry Testimonials

"For the students, it's all the work and experience....that they've gotten to work with these festivals, to understand the contractual relationship of them and making sure the logistics are done and the artist gets from point A to point B."—"How Berklee College of Music Prepares Budding Artists for Major Music Festivals,"

"(Jeff) Dorenfeld is founder of the Berklee Popular Music Institute and has been going to all kinds of music festivals since the psychedelic '60s....He still goes to a lot of music festivals these days—at least six this summer and early fall, including Governors Ball, Essence, Country LakeShake, Lollapalooza, Music Midtown, and Osheaga—with Berklee musicians and his artist management students. They're learning the rigors of touring with Berklee bands on something like a festival 'boot camp.'"—"From Woodstock to Boston Calling: How Music Festivals Evolved since the Psychedelic '60s," WBUR

“While agencies, management companies, promoters, and record labels to some degree all deal with artist development, [the Berklee Popular Music Institute] is yet another institution working to introduce emerging artists to the biggest stages and audiences in the music industry.”—Pollstar

“We are integrating the academics of a class with the live music industry....Students are responsible for finding talent, rehearsing them for the festival stage, travel logistics, executing lengthy contracts, and meeting all production requirements.”—Jeff Dorenfeld for Women of EDM

“Seeing BPMI students working at the premier festivals in the country is the most rewarding experience I’ve had in my 20+ years at Berklee. Students working through the A&R process, advancing show demands, and preparing BPMI artists for the festival stage is an experiential education that sets Berklee apart from other colleges. As Gerry Barad, COO of Live Nation Global Touring states, 'We’ll see some great employees and future artists out of BPMI.'”—Jeff Dorenfeld

Alumni Testimonials

“It’s programs like BPMI that allow students to showcase their skills outside of the classroom in real-world environments. This was such a valuable talking point in my [job] interviews.”—Zachary Cox ‘18

“I ended up getting hired at Paradigm and am now an agent’s assistant. BPMI is what pushed my application over the edge and put me ahead of the game.”—Angela Rodrigues ‘16

“I came to Berklee for BPMI, knowing that this was an opportunity that I wouldn’t find at any other school. This past year has proven me right and really opened my eyes to how the [live] music industry works.”—Caitlyn Thornton ‘19

“The summer festival experience [through BPMI] has been a crucial part of my development at Berklee. Being able to work with artists, network with huge names on the creative and business sides of the music industry, and take a leadership position in preparing a festival set has given me knowledge, confidence, and even more inspiration to take both sides of myself (artistic and entrepreneurial) to the next level.”—Dominique Jones ‘19

"The biggest thing I learned while being in BPMI is how to be a team player. We are all navigating spaces that some of us are more comfortable in than others, and it's important to give constructive feedback to your peers while being respectful at the same time."—Jourdan Washingtonn '19 for

"It was an absolute honor to be in BPMI. To consider the program a success is an understatement. It literally got me a job [at CAA]. This was the greatest learning experience ever." —Oliver Jordan ‘19

"BPMI gave me the tools to be a problem solver, a self-thinker, and learn how to work as a team. I’ve never experienced a class where I was encouraged to be 100 percent hands-on, and Jeff and Morgan valued our opinions just as much as theirs. 

Ultimately this experience helped lay the foundation for the skills that will be required of me in my role as a marketing coordinator at RCA Records. It also opened my eyes to what truly interests me, which helped influence the jobs I applied for during my job search. BPMI has been the highlight of my Berklee career, and I would recommend it to any students if they want to have a career in the industry. This is a perfect way to start."—Jourdan Washington ‘19

Artist Highlights

“The opportunities that Berklee gives you can’t get that anywhere else in the world.”—MDFK for Pipeman in the PitW4CY Radio

"The fact that BPMI has my back makes me feel like I'm not alone up on that stage."— Jackie Foster for The Suburban (Quebec)

Yanina was included on's list entitled "Essence Fest: 7 Female R&B Acts You Need to Know." 

“I’m incredibly grateful about the whole experience.”—Jacksonville Kid for The Landmark

"It helped me grow a lot as a performer; I love constructive criticism, and so it was awesome to rehearse with my BPMI team and really hone my set." —MKULTRA for

"BPMI has already placed a huge dream of mine on my plate. I feel like I need to be pinched knowing that Lollapalooza is just around the corner. BPMI is innovative and new, and is giving artists like myself an experience of a lifetime. They help push your engagement. I am coached on my set and performance skills. They really take the time to fine-tune their artists. Their job is to make us look as good as possible." —Jackie Foster for