Women, Feminists, and Music: Transforming Tomorrow Today

International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), Feminist Theory and Music 15 (FT&M15) Joint Conference

Date: June 6–9, 2019
Location: Berklee, Boston, MA

The 15th biennial Feminist Theory and Music conference will take place at Berklee's Boston campus from June 6 through 9, 2019, in collaboration with the International Alliance for Women in Music and in association with the Berklee's Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice and the Office of Academic Affairs.

This conference will bring together composers, performers, scholars, innovators, and improvisers who celebrate, challenge, and transform our future with cutting-edge music, music technology, and innovative scholarship. 

The proposal deadline has passed; decisions will be made by February 15.

    Please contact graduatestudies@berklee.edu with any questions.

    Conference Committees

    FT&M15 Program Committee 

    • Hedy Law (Chair)  
    • Alisha Jones  
    • Yun Emily Wang 
    • Chris Wells      
    • Aja Burrell Wood             

    IAWM Program Committee    

    • Jeanine Cowen (Chair)
    • Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner  
    • Ayn Inserto    
    • Kimcherie Lloyd                 
    • Judith Shatin
    Beth Denisch, Conference Director