Binge Watch

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Event Dates
David Friend Recital Hall (DFRH)
921 Boylston Street
United States

Binge Watch is an interdisciplinary arts salon featuring electronic and acoustic music, dance, video, and voice. The performance, featuring students from the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute and Boston Conservatory at Berklee's Dance Division, includes five original performance pieces:

Breaking Old Ties

  • Composer, voice, and electronics: Olga Kisseleva
  • Lyra: Dimitrios Menexopoulos
  • Video: Chris Konopka


  • Composer, voice, electronics, and video: Alex Rapp

Before Irma

  • Composer, voice, electronics, video: Neil Leonard


  • Composed by the performers
  • Lyra: Dimitrios Menexopoulos
  • Percussion: Greg McRae
  • Voice: Olga Kisseleva
  • Voice: Alex Rapp
  • Electronics: Jacob Ferrini
  • Electronics: Jacob Johnson
  • Video: Armando Gonzalez Sosto

How Remember

  • Choreographer: Katherine Kuntz
  • Composer and lyra: Dimitrios Menexopoulos
  • Dance: Odessa Anderson
  • Dance: Searlait Carr
  • Dance: Margaret Falcone
  • Dance: Deyana Popov
  • Dance: Celia Torrey