Alexandria DeWalt

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Born and raised in Houston, TX, Alexandria DeWalt is a vocalist, flutist, and composer. Coming out of the South, DeWalt seeks to find the connections between her gospel roots, Americana, classical, and jazz traditions. With her voice, she simultaneously acknowledges her roots/past while still pushing the boundaries of the music.

“When Billie Holiday comes back, she will sound something like Alexandria DeWalt. She will have that same informed “black-girl swagger,” the confident humility, and that sweet sound that Alexandria woos us with. Maybe she’s already back?”—Kirk Whalum

DeWalt carries on the tradition and values of storytelling that her grandmother instilled in her. She hopes that those who listen to her, hear themselves in her music. DeWalt has had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Solange Knowles, Al Jarreau, Jason Moran, Shelly Berg, and Kirk Whalum. She has made appearances at the Essence Festival, Grammys, Newport Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, and Texas Flute Festival.

Career Highlights
  • Studied with Hubert Laws, Charlie Christenson, Peter Eldridge, Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, and Joe Lovano
  • Performed with Solange Knowles, Jason Moran, Jo Lawry, Antonio Hart, and Ingrid Jensen
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