Live Playback Engineering and Performance Design

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This course offers students interested in live playback engineering, music programming, and live music production design the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to support touring artists. Students will design and configure live electronic performance rigs that support a wide range of musical needs in a modern live performance environment. Class activities will include preproduction planning and design, troubleshooting, rehearsals, and a performance that navigates a variety of live production scenarios. Special emphasis will be placed on learning approaches to live show programming and playback that include advanced audio and MIDI routing, software configuration, live vocal and instrument processing, monitor mixing, lighting, and video sync. Work for the course will include two projects that encourage the student to think deeply about show design and a third final concert project. Lectures and discussions will cover analysis of live music production techniques, workflow, performance rigs, the dynamics of working with artists, and navigating this burgeoning industry. Practical application will involve working with student ensembles.

MTEC-213, SW-281, or EP-225
Required Of
Electable By
All B.M. and P.D. students
Major Elective for
Electronic Production and Design
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Michael Bierylo
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