Dramatic Scoring 2

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This course explores the technical and aesthetic aspects of composing and recording music for documentaries, television, and feature films using both sequencers and sequencers combined with live players. Compositional topics include analysis of a given scene from a film composer’s perspective, creation, and development of themes, and use of form, orchestration, dynamics, and other compositional tools to enhance a particular scene. Technical aspects of scoring covered include topics related to studio production: proper preparation of Pro Tools sessions, score and parts preparation, and conducting and production techniques in a recording studio environment.

FS-241, FS-203, and either COND-217 or COND-222; FS-341 must be taken concurrently with FS-340 and FS-303
Required Of
FILM majors
Electable By
FILM majors
Major Elective for
Film and Media Scoring
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Sean McMahon
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