Tim Huling

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments

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In addition to his work as a teacher, Tim Huling is a composer, orchestrator, and producer of music for film, television, other media, and the concert hall.

Career Highlights
  • Composer of Demeter & Persephone (ballet), Astrobiology (live orchestra with film), and Inside Passage (documentary film)
  • Orchestrator of Mad Money (feature film), and Planetary Annihilation (video game)
  • Recipient of the Ernst Bacon Memorial Award in the Performance of American Music (2017)
In Their Own Words

"As composers of music for film and other media, I hope to inspire my students to take part in the storytelling process. How can we, as composers, be storytellers? The craft of film scoring takes place in the moulding of music to fit the film, moment by moment, evoking the spirit and drama of the film, and in supporting story structure, helping to elucidate the themes and through lines of the drama."

"My continuing work as a composer, orchestrator, and producer keeps my instruction relevant and based on how work is done in the field. I am able to tell my students stories about my experiences with filmmakers and other clients, with ensembles in the studio, and with technology, and I am able to show my students how the work gets done by professionals."