Programming in Max

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This course serves as both an introduction to basic programming concepts and Max software. Max is a powerful and intuitive multimedia programming language that can be used to design MIDI, audio, and video applications. Students gain an introduction to problem solving and musical representation using basic math through exercises in practical applications as well as algorithmic composition techniques. Projects can include drum machines, groove boxes, softsynths, samplers, audio processors, remixers and their use with common controllers. Students will also learn how devices programmed with Max can be used in Ableton Live. The class culminates in student presentations using software designed for the class.

EP-320, EP-321, and EP-322
Required Of
ELPD Majors
Electable By
ELPD majors
Major Elective for
Electronic Production and Design
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Michael Bierylo
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