The Art of Record Production Conference (ARP)

A Berklee studio at 150 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

The annual ARP conference is organized by a committee of international academics and practitioners comprising the director(s) of ARP, conference chairs, and the nominated host university. 

Berklee is slated to host the conference in 2019. Previous hosts have included the University of Westminster (United Kingdom), Queensland University (Australia), Université Laval (Canada), and the Royal College of Music (Sweden).

Speakers featured at past events include Narada Michael Walden, Steve Albini, Suzanne Ciani, Susan Rogers, and Benny Andersson, among many others

The Journal on the Art of Record Production (JARP)

The Journal on the Art of Record Production (JARP) is an international online peer-reviewed journal promoting the interdisciplinary study of record production. The term "record production" is to be interpreted in the broadest sense as the production of recorded music. JARP was founded in 2006 by Simon Zagorski-Thomas and Katia Isakoff. The guest editor for the first issue was Simon Frith, and for the second issue, Albin Zak.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research papers and is run by an editorial committee, led by joint commissioning editors-in-chief Katia Isakoff and Richard James Burgess, and managing editors Shara Rambarran and Brandon Vaccaro.

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View a draft of the 2019 conference schedule here.