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William Pazdziora has performed in regional theaters and entertainment venues across the United States, as well as on some of the world’s biggest stages in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and more, with the world tour of Shrek the Musical. He received his M.F.A. in musical theater vocal pedagogy at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee as part of the program's inaugural class. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University, where he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in theater, a concentration in musical theater, and a minor in dance. Inspired by his experience as a professional multidisciplinary performer, Pazdziora is passionate about integrating movement and dance pedagogy into his voice teaching. He presented on this topic at Boston Conservatory’s 2022 Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop in a presentation titled “The Triple Threat Tango: Navigating Breath Strategies for Singers in Musical Theater.” Pazdziora maintains his private voice studio based out of New York City.

  • M.F.A., Boston Conservatory at Berklee, musical theater vocal pedagogy
  • B.A., Temple University, theater; concentration in musical theater; minor in dance 
In Their Own Words

Singing is magic. Singing transforms unbelievably complex biomechanical coordinations into visceral emotional experiences for both the singer and the listener. Our need to communicate and tell stories is inherently and beautifully human. Every singer who enters the studio has their own stories to share and thus their own unique path to authentic, embodied, and impactful singing.

As a professional triple-threat performer, I understand the incredible demand placed on performers. To meet my students' diverse needs, I have curated a wide range of tools and tactics from Western classical, musical theater, and CCM (contemporary commercial music) voice pedagogy, as well as the movement-based voice and speech work of Kristin Linklater, Cathrine Fitzmaurice, and Arthur Lessac. I bring my experience in the triple-threat trenches, my passion for storytelling through song, and my empathetic heart to every lesson so you too can experience the magic of singing.