Jonathan Gallegos

Assistant Professor
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Jonathan Gallegos is a Boston-based performer, educator, and musician whose passions include fostering an enthusiasm for the vocal arts and multi-dimensional performance that breaks down our preconceived boundaries of musical and theatrical industries.

For Gallegos, the musical and performing arts are a space of acceptance. He has translated his skills and experience into a life as an educator, fostering an environment for artistic creations that favor acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. Today, he is an advocate for helping students achieve their dreams and find success through authentic experiences and expressions of art. From this pedagogy, he has taught youth in voice and the string bass through his own Jonathan Gallegos Studio for over two decades. He has also been an educator in musical direction and instructor of technical skills with the Albuquerque Little Theatre’s Summer Intensive Program, New Mexico Enchantment Awards, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and the University of New Mexico. In addition to his appointment at Berklee, he is a teaching fellow at Harvard University and a faculty member at Boston University.

Beyond his acumen as an educator, Gallegos has an extensive performance catalog in his own right. He has performed as an actor with prestigious institutions, including the American Repertory Theater, North Stage Toronto, Speakeasy Stage, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Musical Theatre Southwest, Moonbox Productions, Mother Road Theatre Company, Landmark Musicals, and the Albuquerque Little Theatre. His musical talents have also been demonstrated as a member of the Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra, El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and Doña Ana Lyric Opera. He is a proud member of VASTA, PAVA, and AEA.

In Their Own Words

"My approach to all genres of singing is founded on the connection between vocal function and speech. My experience with voice and speech has informed how I assist in building technical ability and connecting my students to sounds and resonance they already possess. Singing is the organization and application of all sounds, and these modalities provide vocal access to singers and give them the confidence to explore a wide array of colors and tones. Developing a solid relationship with the speaking voice is essential in building a healthy singing voice."

"If you are my student, I want you to work with a solid functional foundation in your technique, artistic flexibility, and the tools needed to express your singular point of view. Your foundational understanding of your instrument comes first—we build tools and habits that will serve you long after our time together."

"When you understand the structure and function of your voice, you can demystify sound-making, and you have the foundation of knowledge to advocate for your instrument."