The CJ Cultural Foundation Scholarships

The CJ Presidential Scholarship

The CJ Presidential Scholarship at Berklee is a full scholarship opportunity awarded annually to one gifted Korean musician accepted for the fall semester. The scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity for a talented Korean musician with demonstrated financial need to experience the unique benefits of a Berklee College of Music education. The award covers the cost of tuition, room and board, and a laptop/software, and is renewable over four years of study. The scholarship is made possible thanks to a generous gift from the CJ Cultural Foundation in Seoul, South Korea.

The CJ Music Scholarship

The CJ Music Scholarship at Berklee is a scholarship cofunded by the CJ Cultural Foundation and Berklee College of Music, which awards talented Korean national students in need of financial assistance who are accepted to Berklee College of Music for the fall semester. The scholarship is applied towards tuition only and is renewable over fours years of study.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being considered for the CJ Presidential Scholarship or CJ Music Scholarship, please complete the Berklee College of Music Undergraduate Admissions Application.

All candidates must first complete an audition and interview, and submit their academic transcripts. Candidates who qualify based on their audition and interview will be notified that they have been nominated for these scholarships at Berklee. Then, qualified candidates will be asked to complete a financial aid application to be considered for the award. Final selections of the CJ Presidential Scholarship and CJ Music Scholarship at Berklee will be announced in April each year.


The eligibility criteria for the CJ Presidential Scholarship at Berklee and CJ Music Scholarship at Berklee are listed below.

  • The candidate must be a Korean national.

  • The candidate must be accepted to Berklee College of Music by the board of admissions.

  • The candidate must demonstrate talent and potential.

  • The candidate must demonstrate financial need. 

  • This information is applicable to entering fall semester students only.

About the CJ Cultural Foundation

Building on the belief of CJ Group CEO Jay-hyun Lee that “companies are guardians of young people’s dreams,” the CJ Cultural Foundation has enriched Korea’s cultural landscape by supporting emerging artists in the spheres of music, filmmaking, and the performing arts since 2006. By appreciating the brilliance of young artists and helping fulfill their dreams, the foundation enriches the nation’s culture while making it more diverse. The CJ Cultural Foundation seeks to expand the foundations of the culture industry and to contribute to a healthier ecosystem made up of culture and arts by turning emerging artists’ and creators’ dreams into reality through a broad range of support programs, including Tune Up, Stage Up, Story Up, and the CJ Music Scholarship.