Tanya Hill

Class of
Music Editor

Tanya Noel Hill’s career as a music editor for such films as Elf and The Jungle Book began with her father, who once surprised her with a guitar she coveted despite its high cost. Then a teenager, Hill was so encouraged by his support of her dreams that she pursued her musical goals and ended up attending Berklee. She majored in film scoring and graduated in 1995. After graduation, she moved to Burbank, California, and lists among her projects work on 70 major films including the first two Iron Man movies, Chef, and Mother’s Day as well as work with Barbra Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch, and bassist Stanley Clarke. She has won a Motion Picture Sound Editor Golden Reel Award and has been nominated for five more.

Her time at Berklee was special, she has said in an interview. “It was an amazing place. It was like a wonderland; musicians everywhere, with so many new influences.” Thanks to Berklee, she was able to embrace working in music early on through the opportunity to do internships, including one at Segue Music. After graduation, she was hired by the same company, and later she moved on to Liquid Music, where she has worked since 2004.