Stacey Lee

Assistant Professor
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In Their Own Words

"It is unavoidable for me to feel excited to meet students every week in my class. It fascinates me to interact with them as they all have their own personality, character, lifestyle, and musical strength and weakness. It gives me a sense of privilege to be on a musical journey together and see them getting better at what they do, ultimately falling in love with their own voices."

"My hope is for all students to discover and recognize this uniqueness they have in each of their God-given voices. Learning to strengthen fundamental voice techniques, such as breathing, are essential factors to becoming a great singer. I consider it a priority to help students find this 'voice' of their own and to be able to freely express themselves."

"For many years, I've guided countless students in such a way that they've garnered first place in vocal competitions, gained admission on scholarship to prestigious contemporary music colleges in and out of the country, and successfully signed recording contracts with record labels."

"All in all, I believe music is the language of love. We as singers have tremendous impact and influence on the audience as we are able to make them feel comforted, encouraged, happy, and loved by the songs we sing. I wish every student learns to be truthful to the music they sing and not only be a person of influence to others but also to themselves in a positive way."

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