The Regiment Horns

Brass Band

The Regiment Horns is a group comprising three Berklee alumni: Sean Erick ‘06 (trumpet, flugelhorn), Kevin Lloyd Williams Jr. ’03 (flute, tuba, trombone), and Leon Silva Jr. ‘07 (saxophone). The three men met at Berklee but didn’t form the band until they had all graduated and moved to Los Angeles.

Erick started out as lead trumpet in his high school jazz ensemble, a group that was internationally recognized for its musicianship. From there he came to Berklee to hone his skills and develop his own voice and style, and then he headed to Los Angeles with the goal of making it as a horn player in contemporary music.

Williams played flute from fourth grade on and joined multiple bands throughout junior high and high school before attending Berklee. While at Berklee, he was mentored by Phil Wilson and developed into a stronger, more versatile musician. 

Silva started playing saxophone at 8 years old and came to Berklee on a scholarship to study music education. When he also moved to Los Angeles and reconnected with his fellow alumni, the Regiment Horns was born.

Each band member is an accomplished musician in his own right, and as a group, they are a powerhouse that has increased the profile and importance of horns in popular contemporary music. They have recorded with the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Andra Day, and Ziggy Marley, and performed with Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, and Alabama Shakes, to name a few, in concerts and on TV. 

Watch the Regiment Horns discuss working together as a section: