Greg Glancey

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Career Highlights
  • Former faculty member at Vanguard University 
  • Founder and former principal director of the Vanguard University Guitar Ensemble
  • Composer of various chamber, orchestral, film score, and commercial musical works
  • Performances by the Stony Brook Orchestra, the Greater Lansing Orchestra (conducted by Gustav Meier), the Cadillac Moon Ensemble, Duo Zonda, and other new music ensembles
  • Guitar works published by the Los Angeles Classical Guitar Edition
  • Named one of the Top 10 Music Professors Who Inspire Us by College Magazine, January 2017
  • Ph.D., Stony Brook University, composition
  • M.M., Stony Brook University, composition
  • B.M., University of Wisconsin—Madison, composition
In Their Own Words

"There is so much passion and creative energy here at Berklee that it’s hard not to be swept up in all of the excitement. What’s unique about Berklee is the exposure students get to a wide array of music and the broader musical education they receive because of it. Berklee’s diverse and thorough curriculum helps create a well-rounded and versatile musician, better capable of musical expression in a variety of ways and therefore better prepared for a vibrant and fruitful career making music."

"One of my main objectives in any tonal harmony, counterpoint, or composition course I teach is to inspire and equip students to dig beneath the surface of the music they encounter. Our core music courses train students how to write using a particular harmonic language, but these courses also provide students with the opportunities and tools to 'get under the hood' of the music they love. When we learn how to recognize and comprehend structural elements in music, we can then begin to understand from the inside out how and why a piece of music works, and by extension how it might have been composed, how it might be performed, heard, or even taught."

"It’s important for students to move outside of their comfort zones and become explorers and lovers of all music, not just one or a few particular genres or styles. My gateway into music was rock guitar, and that was my single passion when I stumbled into an undergraduate music program many years ago. I was fortunate enough to have some great (and patient) teachers who ignited my curiosity and helped open my mind and ears to an ocean of new sounds. I approach all of my teaching with the hope and expectation that every student I encounter will experience a similar awakening."