Watch Performances of New Works by Composition Majors

Listen to Eunike Tanzil's original "Winter Matcha" and works by other students in Berklee's composition major.

Berklee's vibrant Composition Department offers students unique opportunities to compose in a wide variety of styles, either for our student performers or for the many acclaimed guest ensembles that visit the college each year.

In previous years, students have had the chance to write for Sound Icon, the JACK Quartet, Tony Arnold, Mivos String Quartet, Loadbang, New Thread Saxophone Quartet, String Noise, the City of Tomorrow, Margaret Lancaster, and many more.

This hands-on experience with professional performers allows our students to gain valuable skills that not every institution can provide, and whether it's with our guest ensembles or student performers, our composers are able to create a portfolio of high-quality recordings of their work while at Berklee. 

Moments performed by Mivos String Quartet

Listen to the world premiere of "Moments," a piece by student composer Chenge Liu '24,  performed by Mivos String Quartet. 

Eunike Tanzil - Winter Matcha

Pianist Eunike Tanzil '20 records her original "Winter Matcha" with clarinetist Jose Ignacio Santos Aquino in the Berklee studios.

Dreamscape I&II

Listen to the world premiere of "Dreamscape I&II," a piece by student composer Shaun Chen '20, performed by the Neither/Nor Composer Ensemble.

JACK Quartet - Haunted House Under The Sink

Listen to the world premiere "Haunted House Under the Sink" by Young Jun Lee '20, performed by JACK Quartet.

Magritte - The Lovers

Listen to a composition by Rickie Lee Kroell ’15, inspired by René Magritte's The Lovers.

In Honor of Vanity and Masochism

Listen to Eden Rayz B.M. ’13 perform her composition "In Honor of Vanity and Masochism" with CanvaSounds live at the Loft.