Diane Wernick

Associate Professor
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  • Alumna, North Texas State University
  • Alumna, University of Illinois
In Their Own Words

"I often say that playing an instrument is a social experience, so playing in an ensemble setting really allows you to express yourself within a community of musicians. It's in an ensemble where all of your learning comes together. This musically interactive environment might be intimidating to some at first, but it's that exposure and connection with other musicians that gives students the ultimate opportunity to discover something that maybe they haven't had the chance to express before."

"Berklee is an intense place to be, whether you are a student or part of the faculty. The University of North Texas, where I got my undergraduate degree, was a powerhouse of creativity but also very competitive. My graduate training at Northern Illinois University included touring and performances with top-level guest artists. We were expected to do our very best at all times, so I know how it feels to be in a learning environment with high expectations."

"While I work to create a supportive atmosphere, I also focus on getting the most out of my students. Newer students are often overwhelmed and maybe even intimidated by their surroundings here at Berklee, and it can be really hard for them to open up and play. Even if they play a lot of wrong notes at first, I want them to realize that they have a voice. The more developed player should take advantage of the musical talent that floods this campus. I urge students to play as much as they can, keep an open mind, and learn from every situation."