Dennis Montgomery

Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Minister of music, Concord Baptist Church, Boston
  • Leader of Berklee Reverence Gospel Ensemble
  • Participant in Gospel Music Workshop of America
In Their Own Words

"In a biblical context, the word gospel means 'good news.' Whether people come to listen or to join in and sing, people naturally want to spread good news. This brings people of all races, creeds, and colors together. It's something that seems to happen automatically with gospel music."

"Gospel is the mother of a lot of secular music that America has produced. I am thankful that the administration of the college—Lee Berk in particular—wanted to make it part of the curriculum. I don't think a lot of other college presidents back then would have been as open as he was. Lee saw the potential for where this group could go."

"When I was young I had to learn European musical styles. So when foreign students come to Berklee, I think it is important to educate them in a true form of American music. The Bible says, 'Go ye therefore and teach all nations.' I take that in a musical sense. The whole world has become my classroom, and I like that."