Consuelo Candelaria-Barry

Associate Professor
Affiliated Departments

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Career Highlights
  • Performances and recordings with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra with the Bill Pierce Quintet, the Don Houge Quintet, Dennis Brennan (Iodine Bros), Emiel Van Egdom (Clues) featuring Bobby Militello, and the Consuelo-Jon Quintet (original compositions) featuring Bill Pierce
  • Performances with Pat LaBarbara, Joe Morelo, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Jeff Watts, and others
  • Tours of Asia, Europe, U.S., and the Caribbean
  • Recordings include Last Sunday Morning by the Consuelo-Jon Quintet on Accurate Records
  • Winner of the 1998 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in jazz category
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
In Their Own Words

"Music lifts me up. It is emotionally based. It helps people be healthy in their emotional well-being. As a player, it's how I express everything that I'm feeling. It is the voice that I speak from. I know how to create textures and colors with it."

"Berklee creates an opportunity for everybody. It's something that you can do at any time in your life. Berklee will accept you whether or not you're a genius. It's not an intimidating place, but if you want to be a great player you can do that."

"My approach to teaching is to push the boundaries of people's awareness so that they know that there is more out there. To say, 'This is a place that you might want to check out.'"