Chantel Hampton

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Career Highlights
  • Recording artist, songwriter, vocal coach, vocal producer, and engineer
  • Inspirational speaker and musical director
  • Featured vocalist, songwriter, and engineer for Top 10 Billboard Jazz Charting Album, Rahni Song’s Breaking the Rules
  • Founder/CEO of ChannelFM Music, songwriting/production company
  • Works with producers Wirlie Morris, Hannon Lane, Marvin “Tony” Hemmings and the Inkredibles, and Bishop T. D. Jakes
  • Executive Director of Signature Music Design, Inc.
  • Winner of the BET 106 and Park competition
  • Two-time winner of the VH1 Save the Music Songwriting Competition
  • B.M., Berklee College of Music, music business/management
In Their Own Words

"As soon as I became a true student of music, I began to teach. I grew up in a family of musicians so it was somewhat inevitable that I would follow in their footsteps, regardless of how many times I said I was going to be an entertainment attorney! At the age of 14, I knew in my heart that life as a musician was the course for me. I asked my father to be my coach, and that's when my intense training began. Hard work, patience, faith, persistence, and pass-it-on are a few of the many character traits instilled into me as a young musician and that I try to practice to this day."

"As I was learning and developing as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, I was thrust into training others: adults and youth in mass choirs, small ensembles, private voice lessons, studio sessions, workshops, etc. It seemed as though the more I taught what I had already learned, the more I continued to grow, and the reward of seeing others flourish inspired me and challenged me to keep growing. The saying is true: You only know what you really know when you can teach it to someone else."

"I am blessed to say that I've traveled around the world as both an artist and an educator. I've been on television and a part of Billboard-charting albums as a songwriter and vocalist and have music playing around the world. However, what good are those accomplishments if I don't reach out and show others how to get there and how to exceed that? It is so crucial to be able to shape the minds of musicians and provide them with the tools they need to be versatile in the music industry today. Showing my students how valuable their unique sound, voice, and thoughts are to the culture of music is priceless!"