Andrea Capozzoli

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Career Highlights
  • Leader of jazz quintet and R&B group
  • Member of Moment's Notice
  • Performances with Slide Hampton, Eric Kloss, and Kenny Blake
  • Recorded "Something about You, Baby" (2002 Berklee Studio Production Projects)


  • B.M., Berklee College of Music
In Their Own Words

"Students may not realize I have a trumpet background when they come to me, but I think it makes me stronger as a teacher. I think the trumpet has really upped my sight-singing skills, which makes a difference when I teach sight-singing and jazz improvisation."

"I had really good  teachers even before Berklee, and at Berklee I studied with Mili Bermejo—she was wonderful with technique. My teachers were all hard on me, and I think that was a good thing. In my own teaching, I've become tougher; I've learned that students want you to be hard on them."

"When I'm trying to get something across to a student, I try to put myself in their place. I might even make myself do what they're doing wrong. But I won't move on until the student gets it; I'll keep trying different approaches until they feel what I'm trying to explain. It's really hard to incorporate all the technique in a song. A student might get it in the warm-ups, but then when they start to sing the song, it's not there. It takes time."

"Aside from wanting my students to have good vocal technique, I want them to come out with good musicianship skills. I want them to be able to count off tunes and know when to come in on the tune. I always make them count things off for me in the lessons so they'll learn to be direct with their band or their accompanist. I also want my students to be able to write their lead sheets, and do their own transpositions."

"Even though I take my classes seriously, I want to keep things fun. It means a lot to me that my students like what they're doing."