Berklee Faculty, Alumni Join Pastor Who Served with Martin Luther King for Gospel Broadcast

Could there be a more crucial moment to bask in the glory of Gospel music? Berklee musicians provide the salve. 

January 11, 2017

Over the holidays, Christopher Lydon, host of Open Source on Boston's NPR News Station WBUR radio, gathered a group of musicians from Boston in his home to perform Gospel music at his piano. Dennis Montgomery III, Berklee Ensemble Department professor and director of the enduring Reverence Gospel EnsembleJonathan Singleton, assistant Ensemble Department professor; and alumnus Kwame Nkrumah '15 played Gospel music alongside Pastor Michael Haynes, who served with Martin Luther King Jr. at Boston's Twelfth Baptist Church while they were students at Boston University. The music is a balm amidst contentious times.