Harvard-Berklee Joint Studies Tracks

Below you will find a list of suggested courses that you should take as an undergraduate Harvard-Berklee Joint Studies student to prepare for the various master's degree programs at Berklee if you choose. Please note that this is just a template and a list of recommended courses for your studies at Berklee; it is not exhaustive and can include other courses not listed.

There are three different tracks from which you can select. To declare your track, please fill out our Declaration of Track form

Questions? Contact Jeff Williams, Program Manager for the Graduate Studies Division, at jwilliams32@berklee.edu.

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  • Performance Track
  • Production Track
  • Music Business Track

Performance Track

This track prepares you for one of two Master of Music programs at Berklee, the M.M. in global jazz (Boston) or the M.M. in contemporary performance (production concentration) (Valencia). In order to declare this track, students must have an initial audition with their instrumental chair. Entrance to the performance track is not guaranteed.  

Production Track

This track prepares you for one of five master's degree programs at Berklee, the M.M. in music production, technology, and Innovation (Valencia), the M.M. in scoring for film, television, and video games (Valencia), and Berklee NYC's three M.A. in creative media and technology specializations: songwriting and production; writing and design for musical theater; and live music production and design.

Music Business Track

This track prepares you for the M.A. in global entertainment and music business (Valencia).