Performances, Recordings, and Collaborations

Dywane "MonoNeon" Thomas

In "1/6 Tone Catharsis," MonoNeon, who collaborated with Prince, is using his knowledge from the Planet MicroJam Institute to invent his own style of Southern soul.

Jake Sherman

"News to Me" is a piece composed by MicroJam alumnus Jake Sherman before he entered the institute.

Hidemi Akaiwa

Hidemi Akaiwa analyzed the amazing microtonality in the traditional Japanese piece “Rokudan No Shirabe” and faithfully reproduced the melody, then improvised in a traditional Japanese style and  added microtonal and jazz improv techniques.

Dylan Byrd

Dylan Byrd used quartertone concepts from the Microgrooves Ensemble to write this composition (excerpt).

Byrd then used his own 20-note-per-octave system to write this piece.

Giorgi Mikazde

Berklee Planet MicroJam Institute performs a traditional piece at the Tbilisi Jazz Festival in Georgia. Described by David Fiuzcynski, the institute's artistic director, as "the prodigal son returning," keyboardist Giorgi Mikazde arranged traditional folk pieces such as "Voisa." He notated them to be performed using the MicroJam method for an ensemble that does not use traditional notation, and fused them with a "Weather Report"-influenced backing.

Utar Artun

In collaboration with world-renowned jazz and fusion drummer Jojo Mayer, pianist Utar displays proficiency with groove and jazz within microtonality. A newfound faculty member at Berklee, the MicroJam alumnus is also versed in classical music, composing microtonal piano pieces as well as entire symphonic suites.