Student and Commuter Lounges

24 Fenway Lounge

This space is also known as Cafe 24, which offers food service during breakfast and lunch hours, and is available as a lounge outside of serving hours.

8 Fenway Lounge

This lounge features comfortable seating, high-top tables, vending machines, and a microwave.

Steve Heck Room

This multiuse lounge, just off the lobby of 1140 Boylston Street, has tables, chairs, and a high-definition TV screen. It is used as a place to meet, study, or relax. On weekdays, beverages and light refreshments are available for purchase from Archie's Cafe, inside the lounge. 

Commuter Lounge

Commuter Lounge

Located on the lowest level (level B) of 150 Massachusetts Avenue, this student lounge features a kitchen, TV, tables, and couches.

Community Rooms and TV Lounge

These five rooms, one with a large TV, are located on level A of the 150 Massachusetts Avenue building. 

Haviland Lounge

Haviland Lounge

Just inside 7 Haviland Street, this small lounge features tables and chairs. Right outside the building is a patio with tables and chairs for student, staff, and faculty use.

Massachusetts Avenue Lounge

Located in the front lobby of 150 Massachusetts Avenue, this lounge is an active space where students can connect.

Quiet Reading Room

Located inside in the Stan Getz Library on level 2 of 150 Massachusetts Avenue, the reading room is a space for silent study, outfitted with chairs and long tables.

Study Lounge

Study Lounge

This lounge, located on level A of 150 Massachusetts Avenue, is a quiet place for silent study, furnished with couches and tables.