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The Timba Messengers

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Event Dates
LoPresti Park
33 Sumner Street
East Boston

The Timba Messengers show is a dynamic performance that showcases the musical talents of our band members in two distinct
parts. The first part features slow to mid-tempo Latin jazz, allowing each member to showcase their individuality and musical prowess. This section typically lasts for 20 to 25 minutes, setting the stage for the rest of the show.

The second part of the show begins with a bolero, a traditional form of Afro-Caribbean music that sets a mid-tempo pace. From there, they seamlessly transition to an up-tempo salsa, ramping up the intensity with each passing song. Throughout their performance, they strive to depict women in a leading role, avoiding themes that are self-destructive or misogynistic. Their goal is to provide a fresh perspective on the otherwise widely male-dominated salsa genre. As a band, they aim to engage the audience by incorporating choreography and encouraging them to sing along with the band. Their performance is not just a display of our musical talents, but an interactive experience that invites the audience to become part of the show. Overall, the Timba Messengers' show is a lively and inclusive celebration of Afro-Caribbean music and culture.