Pinheiro & Coury

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Event Dates
Urban Park Roof Garden (Kendall Center)
325 Main Street
United States

Kely Pinheiro is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and arranger based in Boston. She moved to the U.S. after receiving a full-tuition scholarship from Berklee College of Music. She is a classically trained cellist but grew up in a music-loving family that encouraged her to explore a variety of musical styles. 

Mandolinist Ian Coury began his musical journey when he was 7 years old. At 13, he switched from the eight-string to the 10-string bandolim as he continued to pursue his studies in the Brazilian genre known as choro, a style originating in the 19th century that combines European and African influences. He has participated in international conferences and festivals, and shared stages with renowned Latin jazz musicians.

As a duo, Pinheiro and Coury play fun and groovy Brazilian styles that are rarely performed in a cello-bandolim configuration.