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Event Dates
Wednesday / August 11, 2021 / 11:30 am
Osborn Triangle
1 Portland Street
United States

PEGGY is a singer-songwriter based in Boston. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, she started her musical career learning to play the piano and guitar while also performing in musicals and singing in the NMC Children’s Choir.

She began writing music at the age of 12, mostly about characters from books and movies. Gradually, she began to write more personal works that were also about fictional characters from books, television, and movies. She has always used songwriting as a tool both for herself and to help others convey emotions that cannot quite be explained through words. As an artist, she strives to create relatable, raw, and unique music that anyone can sing along to and think "yeah, that's me."

PEGGY will perform at the Osborn Triangle on August 11.