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Guitarist and composer Caio Afiune has spent the last ten years making a lasting impression on the East Coast jazz scene. Caio has performed extensively as a sideman accompanying jazz giants such as Jerry Bergonzi and Christian Sands, Brazilian legends Jacques and Paula Morelenbaum, leading his own project, the Caio Afiune Quintet, and collaborating with the international collective Imagine 5.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Afiune’s compositions uniquely blend together the essence of Brazil, and his deep knowledge of the North American jazz tradition. His debut album, Caio Afiune, received widespread acclaim. The title track, "Prebenda," was awarded an ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award, and the closing track “Dido,” was not only an official finalist in the 2015 Hollywood Songwriting Competition, but won the 2016 DownBeat award for Best Small Ensemble Composition.

​Since leaving his home country, Caio has been seen performing in Canada, Australia, Panama, Sweden, and touring throughout the United States. He also dedicates a part of his time to sharing his experience, and has taught at the New England Conservatory and Boston College, and is currently a faculty member at Berklee College of Music.

His latest release, "Every Choice is an Act of Courage," was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and features some of the greatest up and coming young jazz musicians in the Boston and New York scene: Jessica Curran (voice), Henrique Eisenmann (piano), James Heazlewood-Dale (bass), Avery Logan (drums), Nathan Reising (alto saxophone), and Max Ridley (bass).

“It was no surprise how much I loved Caio’s new recording after hearing his masterful playing for several years. My first impression was, this is today’s music. The amount of presence to play on that level is amazing. The time feel, articulation, and sophistication of the music grabs you. Each tune has a hook and it is a must listen.”—Jerry Bergonzi

"Caio is a legitimate hybrid—he combines, in perfect doses, the music of his native Brazil and that of jazz.”—Luciana Souza

Career Highlights
  • "Every Choice is an Act of Courage" by Caio Afiune Quintet (2022)
  • Imagine 5 by Imagine 5 (2019)
  • Caio Afiune by Caio Afiune Quintet (2014)
  • "The Flying Whale" by Bohuslän Big Band in Göteborg, Sweden (2022)
  • 2022 International Songwriting Competition finalist for "Every Choice is an Act of Courage"
  • 2016 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award for "Prebenda"
  • 2016 Hollywood Songwriting Competition finalist for "Dido"
  • 2016 DownBeat SMA Small Ensemble Composition Award for "Dido"
  • D.M.A., New England Conservatory
  • M.M., New England Conservatory
  • B.M., Faculdade Santa Marcelina
In Their Own Words

"My main goal as an educator is to give my students tools to easily navigate any professional opportunity and also make the music they want to make at the highest possible level!"

"As a guitarist, I've performed and recorded jazz, Brazilian music, pop, and rock. As a composer and arranger, I've written for solo guitar all the way to big bands. I use my experience to connect to my students' backgrounds and find musical examples that are relevant to their lives."