Postural and Kinetic Awareness for Percussion Principals

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This course helps students build awareness of how the body of an artist is also that of an athlete. All performing artists should be aware of their anatomy and how it functions. Students will study functional training which can help develop higher performance, practice skills, safer movement and ergonomic practices for lifting musical equipment, setting up, breaking down gear, and body position when performing. This understanding will allow all percussionists to move, perform, and function in a healthier way. Each student will be expected to play their instrument (drum set, hand percussion, steelpan, vibraphone, marimba, or orchestral percussion) during class and participate in exercises to analyze what they look like when they are carrying their equipment, practicing, performing, and exercising. Students will also maintain a personal journey awareness journal to keep track of their progress week-to-week. Please note that students must provide equipment for this class, including resistance bands, a small foam roller, a yoga mat, and a release ball (e.g. a lacrosse ball). Students in this course will also discuss nutrition and food choices that can support health. Students of all physical abilities will be able to participate in this class.

Required Of
Electable By
Percussion principals
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Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Yoron Israel
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