The Artist as a Startup

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In the digital age, musicians need to be innovative in the way they promote, distribute and monetize the product of their creation. Even if talent is still a critical aspect that will determine the artist’s ability to succeed, building a sustainable career now requires a wide set of skills including an acute understanding of how business works. In this course, artists are developing business-related skills that will be fundamental in their career. Students learn about the economics of creative industries; they learn to analyze emerging trends in music business and come to understand how these trends apply to their own artistic work; and they learn to apply important business skills to foster their own careers.

Required Of
CPPD graduate students; elective course in MPTI and SFTV
Electable By
CPPD, MPTI, and SFTV graduate students
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Magda Giannikou
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