Building Your Career

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Students examine the business-related concepts and practice skills necessary to launch and sustain careers as performers, composers, and recording artists. By immersing themselves in a range of key subjects, students apply knowledge relating to the recording industry, managing a digital presence, composition agreements, live performance, communications and media, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship, among others.

This course is designed as a seminar and workshop and therefore provides opportunities in class for students to discuss, analyze, and begin developing components of their business, including websites, music production companies, business plans, and publicity materials. Guests to class include artists, business people, and other experts. Course materials and assignments assist students in determining launch and promotion strategies connected to their master’s thesis projects.

Required Of
CPGJ graduate students
Electable By
CPGJ graduate students
Semesters Offered
Fall Only
Course Chair
Marco Pignataro
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