Studio Recording and Production for the Contemporary Musician

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This course prepares performers for studio recording and music production. As artists master basic recording and production concepts, they also engage in discussions about themselves as artists to determine which processes most effectively support their goals. Artists learn to make informed decisions to facilitate successful and productive recording sessions as well as creative performances while also saving time and reducing expenses. Students master terms, concepts, protocols, and decisions that lead to successful finished productions. Students learn the basics of studio listening, preparing for a session, budgeting, file delivery, file formats, transfers, rehearsal and recording techniques and editing. They also explore various mastering concerns. Through this course, students learn the roles each participant has to play in the recording process: the musicians, tracking engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, and producer. Additionally, students evaluate when to record in a home studio, a professional studio or both.

Electable By
CPGJ graduate students
Required Of
CPGJ graduate students
Semesters Offered
Spring Only
Boston Campus
Course Chair
Marco Pignataro

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