Applied Media Design Techniques

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This course emphasizes hands-on learning and practical applications of media design techniques in various fields, with a focus on collaboration and feedback. Students will gain a range of technical and creative skills that they can apply in their own projects and future careers. This hands-on survey class reviews the most contemporary approaches to self-empowered technology-based research and project-based applications in the fields of music, performance, lighting, art installations, and robotics. Throughout the course, students will participate in hands-on workshops that showcase a particular technology before delving into how to apply each tool to their own projects. Students will complete work that is project-oriented and focuses on community and group learning to maximize productivity. In the process, student will experience the real-world challenges of team building, knowledge sharing, and iterative prototyping. The course emphasizes the importance of collaboration and feedback in the creative process, helping students develop these skills for future projects and careers.

Written approval of program director
Required Of
None; elective course in MPTI
Electable By
MPTI graduate students
Semesters Offered
Course Chair
Pablo Munguia
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