MTI Seminar 2

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Innovation Seminar 2 picks up where MTI-515 Music Technology Innovation Seminar 1 leaves off, providing the platform for students in the music technology innovation master's program to launch the execution phase of their culminating experience project. The course will provide a framework for project management, including planned milestones, visiting artists, and material strategies to incorporate students' projects into tangible career opportunities. This course provides a forum for the exploration of innovation and the integration of technology in modern music production. In this course, students learn a thematic and practical exploration of research and innovation in music, arts, and technology. They also develop artistic and technical communication skills and practice collaboration. Students explore relevant brain science and effective approaches to exploration, idea generation, evaluation, and implementation, with an eye towards adapting the most applicable practices to their field of specialization. Common characteristics and practices of trailblazing individuals will be considered, and students will prepare media-rich presentations about their favorites. This course will also function as a forum to integrate the skills and techniques students are learning in their other courses, as well as helping students focus and define their culminating experience thesis projects. Students will focus and implement their presentation skills through the milestones for this course: three prototype presentations, during which they will present their works-in-progress, and field feedback from faculty and peers.

Written approval of program director
Required Of
MPTI graduate students
Electable By
MPTI graduate students
Semesters Offered
Spring Only
Course Chair
Pablo Munguia
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