Arts Learning and Assessing the Student of Today

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In this course students will explore the topic of the assessment of student work in arts education from a number of perspectives, including:

  • the history of assessment in arts education;
  • the fundamentals of assessment; 
  • basic assessment vocabulary; and 
  • concepts of reliability and validity in assessment. 

We will consider where we are, where we have been, and where we are going in terms of assessment and the need for assessment in arts education. Students will have the opportunity to create, examine, and work directly with a number of assessment tools and strategies as applied to real-word arts education settings.

The assessments that students develop in the course may be part of the work required by their school—a component of the District Determined Measures. The assessments may also be part of the student learning objectives that students write for their individual teaching situation. Students will also develop rubrics to be used with each assessment. Students will pilot and benchmark assessments they create. Students will also have the opportunity to analyze the results of the student assessment over time and make recommendations for instructional strategies to improve.

Required Of
MUED and MUAU graduate students
Electable By
MUED and MUAU graduate students
Semesters Offered
Course Chair
Cecil Adderley
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