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In this course, students analyze the current realities and evolution of the global live music business. This analysis of the live music industry contextualizes the relationship and power structures among the main stakeholders in the live music industry, from the audience to multi-national promoters. Students examine and evaluate the role of live performances in developing artists’ musical careers, as well as the expansion of niche markets, including the global festival market. They also examine the development of marketing and branding elements. In learning how the specific areas of events management interplay, students also explore the legal structures that operate in the live music industry, including performing rights and venue logistics, and they evaluate how these impact live music and its stakeholders both positively and negatively. Finally, students explore the future of live music, including the challenges posed by globalization, pressure upon local artists and promoters, and the gentrification of core urban centers such as New York and London.

Eligibility to this course is contingent upon securing a micro-internship before the add/drop deadline.

Required Of
GEMB graduate students not taking MB-611 or MB-623
Electable By
GEMB graduate students
Semesters Offered
Spring Only
Course Chair
Emilien Moyon
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