Global Leadership

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Leadership is one of the fundamentals of success in today’s age, both on the personal and professional level, and this course is designed not only to help students learn the many facets of the global entertainment business world and leadership in theory, but also to master the skills and experiences necessary to turn them into effective leaders in their own right. Students have the opportunity to learn from real industry case studies, understand the organizational implications of quality leadership and global implications on a variety of levels, and participate in a diverse set of activities and assignments towards developing quality sensibilities and practices as thoughtful leaders in whatever endeavor they might choose to pursue. They study human behavior, internationalization, leadership and communication tactics, and other organizational elements combined with a thorough application of these principles towards building a solid understanding and integration of what makes true leaders in the modern entertainment world.

Required Of
None; elective course in GEMB
Electable By
GEMB graduate students
Semesters Offered
Course Chair
Emilien Moyon
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