Entrepreneurial Practicum

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This practicum course offers senior-level students an opportunity to apply their accumulated business knowledge in a problem-solving, laboratory environment. A continuation of the learning experiences gained in MB-340, the class places students into mentoring relationships with Berklee alumni, as well as other members of the Berklee community, who may have an operating business or who desire to launch a new business venture. Students will undertake, as class projects, the assistance of these hopeful entrepreneurs, in all aspects of starting and/or improving their enterprises. Appropriate business settings will be identified and chosen utilizing a simple proposal submission and screening process. Class sessions, which may include on-site visitations, will focus on developing options and action plans that lead to problem-solving areas students will encounter in business environments.

LMSC-251, MB-301, MB-325, and MB-340
Required Of
MBUS majors in entrepreneurial track
Electable By
MBUS and MILI majors
Major Elective for
Music Business
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Tonya Butler
Taught By
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